SÅDAN! Tonic offers a unique selection of Danish and organic high quality tonics. Our goal was to create an honest organic product with no unnecessary artificial ingedients.

Many of our ingedients are not seen in tonic before. Our tonics are made with pure fruit juice, which leaves the tonic with a natural sweet taste. The bitterness that is characteristic for all our tonics comes from natural quassia extract.

Sustainability is very important to us, and we aim to reduce our waste as much as possible. Some of the measures we have taken includes reusing where we can. Our bottles are reused and the labes are made with recycled paper.

Our tonics pair well with most gins, and it is up to you, to choose your preferred gin for the occasion. Discover our full selection of tonics, and find your favourite!

Our glass bottles are made with up to 92% recycled materials. By incorporating such a high percentage of recycled materials, we significantly reduce the need for raw resources, thus conserving natural materials and lowering the environmental impact of our production processes.

  • Resource Conservation: Using recycled glass reduces the need for raw materials like sand, soda ash, and limestone. This helps preserve natural resources and minimize the environmental footprint associated with glass production.
  • Energy Efficiency: Recycling glass requires less energy compared to producing new glass from raw materials. This energy savings translates to lower carbon emissions, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

Our labels are made from 100% recycled paper, ensuring that even the smallest details contribute to a more sustainable future.

  • Sustainable Sourcing: Our labels are crafted from recycled paper, reducing the demand for virgin paper and minimizing the impact on forests and other natural resources.
  • Quality Assurance: Despite being made from recycled materials, our labels maintain high-quality standards, providing the same durability and aesthetic appeal as those made from new paper.

To further enhance our sustainability efforts, we print all our labels in-house. This approach allows us to maintain full control over the production process, ensuring minimal waste and maximum efficiency.

At SÅDAN! Tonic, we are on a continuous  mission to craft the most organic tonic on the market. Through our unique method of incorporating a high percentage of pure juice into our tonics, we ensure an unparalleled level of natural goodness. Our commitment to organic products is rooted in our belief that purity and sustainability should be at the forefront of beverage production.

We envision a future where our products continue to evolve, becoming even more organic and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to lead the tonic industry in sustainability, constantly innovating to improve our production methods. By setting new standards for organic and sustainable beverages, we aim to inspire other companies and our customers to join us in creating a greener, healthier world.

We believe that sustainability directly benefits our customers. Our glass bottles are made from up to 92% recycled glass and can be 100% reused and recycled after production. This ensures that customers can enjoy our products while contributing to a circular economy and significantly reducing waste. Our eco-friendly packaging, with in-house printed labels on reused paper, ensures that each purchase supports sustainable practices and minimizes environmental impact.

Quality and purity are at the heart of our products. By using raw, organic ingredients, we ensure that our customers receive the highest standard of tonic, free from unnecessary additives. This dedication to quality means our customers can trust that they are consuming a healthier, more natural beverage.