SÅDAN! Mandarin & Orange Tonic has a beautiful yellow-orange color and a refreshing taste of sweet mandarins and oranges.

It is organic and produced in Denmark, with raw juice from mandarins and oranges, which adds flavor and color to this tonic without unnecessary additives. SÅDAN! Mandarin & Orange Tonic is made from raw juice of organic oranges and mandarins. It contains 20% raw juice, giving an authentic and natural taste of the sweet and fresh fruits!


SÅDAN! Strawberry Elderflower Tonic captures the essence of Danish summer.  Made with up to 20% pure fruit juice the strawberry and elderflower pairs perfectly, creating a fruity and floral tonic water, completed by fresh lemon notes and a hint of bitterness from natural quassia extract.

Rhubarb & Vanilla

Made from raw juice from organic rhubarb, this tonic contains 27% raw juice, which gives an authentic and natural taste of sweet and fresh rhubarb!

Sweet, refreshing, and very tasty. Made with organic and natural ingredients, it provides a very authentic flavor. It contains raw juice from organic rhubarb, from which the tonic gets its sweet and tangy taste of rhubarb. To sweeten it a bit, it also contains natural vanilla extract, made from real bourbon vanilla.


SÅDAN! Classic Tonic is an honest and simple tonic, just as it should be. This tonic contains no unnecessary additives and has a lovely classic taste.

without unnecessary additives. The taste is classic, without unnecessary additives, and a refreshing twist from the raw juice of organic lemons. The lemon juice adds a natural and authentic flavor to the tonic, creating a slightly cloudy appearance.


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